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Synthesis of Mig TIC Fragment on Activo-P11 Synthesizer

Dr Paul Proost et al. Institute Rega, Leuven, Belgium have used the Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesizer with UV Monitoring to produce a Mig TIC fragment with excellent results.

The sequence GERGPPGPRCBCGELGTPGL-NH2, with B = biphenylalanine was synthesized on the Activo-P11 at a 0.1 mmol scale using a Rink amide resin at 0.8 mmol/g.

UV monitoring was used and gave the following results:

Coupling was performed with 10 eq. of AA/HBTU/HOBt and 20 eq. DIEA for 20 minutes and time was elongated if there were more than 3 deprotection treatments. Coupling step was repeated once in the same conditions. Capping was performed at each cycle.

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