Activotec has a tradition of excellence in quality custom peptide synthesis for the biomedical research community, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and have consistently met the highest peptide standards of quality, service and technical expertise. As a peptide manufacturer, we also have the capability to perform a wide variety of synthetic peptide chemistries.

With over 20 years of practical peptide synthesis and research experience, we have developed highly specific expertise with modified and difficult to synthesize peptides. With a diverse range of modifications available for peptides, we routinely meet our clients’ specifications with unusual, custom made peptides. To deliver top quality solutions, we utilize a wide range of chemistries including solid and solution phase methodology, along with tactical protecting strategies such as Fmoc, t-Boc and Cbz. These specialized methodologies enable us great versatility for site-specific modifications such as biotinylation, acetylation, cyclization, amidation, phosphoryation, fatty acid attachment and more. Activotec offers the custom synthesis of stapled peptides, send us your enquiry for a quotation.