New ActivoPep™ Software Release for Activotec’s P11 Peptide Synthesizer

16 January 2024

The Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesizer is used daily in peptide synthesis facilities all over the world to produce very high quality peptides. Activotec is proud to often hear from its synthesizer users how user friendly and flexible the software is, allowing them free choice of chemistry protocols and reagents. We are continually adding features to, and developing the Activo-P11 to be even better and most of these suggestions and ideas come from our users. We have a new software release that enables even greater functionality specifically related to the UV monitoring system:

Conditional coupling
Results from the UV monitoring give feedback so that the coupling conditions can automatically be adjusted for each amino acid. In this way the synthesizer uses only the conditions and reagents needed and at the precise time, avoiding needless heating and wasted reagent to obtain a higher purity product.
Depending on the number of deprotection treatments needed any coupling condition can be changed, options include the following:
Coupling time
• Number of couplings
• Temperature
• Chemistry protocol
• Pause

Many other minor developments have been made to our ActivoPep™ software and also to the synthesizer itself to make this an even more flexible, usable and reliable synthesizer, the best on the market.