Versatile peptide cleavage / deprotection device..

12 January 2023

Activotec has announced the Activo-P12 – a new accessory for its popular Activo-P11 peptide synthesizer that allows the system to be used on the lab bench whilst peptide-resin cleavage and side chain deprotection is undertaken in a nearby fume hood.

The success of solid phase peptide synthesis utilising 9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (Fmoc) amino acids is often limited by deleterious side reactions which occur during TFA peptide-resin cleavage and side-chain deprotection. The majority of these side reactions modify susceptible residues, such as Trp, Tyr, Met, and Cys, with TFA-liberated side-chain protecting groups and linkers. The use of scavengers to suppress these side reactions is well established; however common scavengers such as EDT and thioanisole are not best used out in an open laboratory due to their noxious odour.

To overcome this problem the new P12 cleavage device has been designed to directly accept the easily removed disposable reactor from the Activo-P11 peptide synthesizer. In this way the Activo-P11 peptide synthesizer can be maintained in the open lab while cleavage / deprotection procedures can be performed simply, speedily and safely on the P12 in a fume hood.

The Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesizer is an easy to use and affordable instrument for synthesis of very high quality peptides. Designed by chemists for chemists, the fully automated Activo-P11 is very easy to use. Intuitive peptide wizard software prompts users enabling quick definition of protocols – just enter the peptide sequence, fill in the quantity required, define the resin to use and then press run. Software generated protocol worksheets allow even novice users to use the system productively and error free. Disposable reactors and amino acid containers aid easy installation, removal and maintenance. Combining compatibility with a wide range of commercially available resins and reagents with the ability to perform a wide range of Fmoc and t-Boc chemistries the versatile Activo-P11 is able to synthesise peptides of any length in the 0.1 – 1.0 mmol. scale. Precise and fast reagent delivery and washing, efficient inversion mixing, pre-activation and an inert atmosphere throughout the system enable chemists to routinely prepare the highest quality peptides. To ensure operator safety all chemistries are performed fully enclosed within the Activo-P11 peptide synthesizer.

About Activotec

Activotec is a customer-focused company providing high technology products and services for chemistry and biochemistry applications. Activotec provides a complete range of products and services for peptide and protein synthesis.

For further information on the P12 and the Activo-P11 please visit or contact Activotec on email or telephone +44 1223 260008.