Automatic Synthesis Monitoring via UV

20 January 2024

Activotec has announced an exciting new development for it’s Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesizer, automatic UV monitoring of the Fmoc removal during solid phase synthesis with feedback to the synthesizer software. This allows the user to monitor the synthesis of peptides and to automatically change the deprotection and coupling protocols for each amino acid depending on the results. This enables users of the P11 to synthesize longer more difficult peptides and to gather details of the conditions required to couple individual amino acids.

A UV monitoring method has been developed on the Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesizer that monitors the Fmoc removal and extends or changes the deprotection and coupling protocols when the deprotection is slow. Feedback control automatically programmes the addition or change to steps in the protocol or pauses the synthesizer for the user to make changes.

The UV monitoring system can be ordered with a new Activo-P11 or existing customers can be upgraded on site.

For further information on the latest products for high quality peptide synthesis and synthesis automation please contact Activotec on email or telephone +44 1223 260008.