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About Activotec
Welcome to Activotec- synthesis through innovation

Activotec is a customer focussed chemical synthesis company.

 Providing high technology products and services for chemistry and biochemistry applications. Activotec provides a complete range of synthesizers, chemicals and services for peptide and organic synthesis.

 Activotec's core focus is customer service whether it's instrument development and support, delivery of quality custom peptide synthesis services or chemicals, all critical to the success of your synthesis. Read what our customers say.

 Activotec offers scientists a single point of expertise and assistance in research, design, manufacture of new, innovative and practical solutions.

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Custom Peptides

activotec-logo-thumbCustom Peptides

Fast Reliable Custom Peptide Synthesis. Ask about our Express Service

special-4 At its peptide facility Activotec has a team of scientists using solid and solution phase chemistry employing Fmoc and t-Boc methodologies for the design and production of peptides for research purposes.

special-4Quality is our highest priority, every peptide we produce is delivered with individual HPLC and mass spectroscopy data.

special-4Activotec offers custom peptide services from small research scale to large scale manufacture with a full range of C and N terminal modifications.

special-4Particular expertise focuses on difficult to synthesize sequences, non-natural modifications, and the design and synthesis of highly effective peptide immunogens.

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activotec-logo-thumbPeptide and Organic Synthesizers

Proven synthesizers and technical support for peptide and organic synthesis.

special-4 Activotec develops and manufactures automated peptide synthesizers to sell worldwide to the peptide synthesis community.

special-4 All development and production takes place at its facility in Cambridge, UK.

special-4 The Activo-P11 peptide synthesizer is an easy to use and affordable instrument for synthesis of very high quality peptides on a scale from 0.05 to 5.0 mmol. The Activo-P11 is the best automated synthesizer available for producing complex, hydrophobic, long peptides. Choose UV monitoring and heated reactor options and the P11 has all the tools needed for synthesis.

special-4 The Activo-P14 semi automated peptide synthesizer is ideal for those either on a reduced budget or wishing to supervise each step.

       special-4 The Activo-PLS Parallel Reaction Synthesizer accelerates your chemistry research.

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activotec-logo-thumbSynthesis Chemicals from Activotec

Activotec supplies Fmoc and Boc protected amino acids, resins and reagents for peptide synthesis and organic chemistry.

special-4 Products are stocked in Cambridge for 24 hour delivery across Europe, 48 hours for the rest of the world.

special-4 High quality and solubility guaranteed, all our products are used routinely in all synthesizers.

special-4 Very competitive pricing and the best sales and technical support on the market.

special-4 Give us a try, you won't be disappointed!

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