High quality peptide synthesis and synthesis automation…

16 March 2021

Activotec (www.activotec.com) has selected the forthcoming 30th European Peptide Symposium (www.30eps.fi/) to display its latest products and proprietary techniques for high quality peptide synthesis and synthesis automation.

Founded in 2002, Activotec provides a range of products and services for peptide synthesis including automated peptide synthesizers, custom peptide synthesis, and synthesis chemicals to customers worldwide.

Activotec has chosen this important meeting to showcase it’s latest developments for automated peptide synthesis. Visitors to Booth 63 will have the opportunity to see and discuss a host of new technical enhancements for the popular Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesizer including a new cleavage device (Activo-P12) and heating of the P11 reactor.

Designed by chemists for chemists, the fully automated Activo-P11 is very easy to use. To increase coupling efficiency for difficult or long sequences, without the need for microwave treatment, Activotec will introduce reactor heating on the Activo-P11. New intuitive peptide wizard software prompts users enabling rapid definition of protocols; just enter the peptide sequence, fill in the quantity required, define the resin to use and then press run. Cycle times as low as 30 minutes per coupling are now possible and even long peptides can be synthesized with true walk away automation. Disposable reactors and amino acid containers aid easy installation, removal and maintenance. Combining compatibility with a wide range of commercially available resins and reagents with the ability to perform a wide range of Fmoc and t-Boc chemistries the versatile Activo-P11 peptide synthesizer is able to synthesise peptides in the 0.1 – 2.0 mmol. scale.

The Activo-P12 is a new peptide cleavage device for use with the Activo-P11 synthesizer. The Activo-P12 has been designed to directly accept the easily removed disposable reactor from the Activo-P11 peptide synthesizer. In this way the Activo-P11 peptide synthesizer can be maintained in the open lab while cleavage / deprotection procedures can be performed simply, speedily and safely on the P12 in a fume hood.

For many years – Activotec’s custom peptide facility has been providing customers around the world with the highest-quality peptides at competitive prices. Operating out of a modern peptide synthesis facility in the UK the company is able to quickly provide milligram (mg) to multiple grams of peptides at all required purity levels and with any modifications required. Particular expertise focuses on difficult-to-synthesise sequences, non-natural modifications, and the design and synthesis of highly effective peptide therapeutics. All custom peptides are purified by RP-HPLC to a guaranteed quoted purity. For pharmaceutical and biotech companies – Activotec is able to provide contract R&D facilities and extensive expertise based upon development of novel methods for the synthesis and modification of therapeutically useful peptides.

For further information on the latest products and services for high quality peptide synthesis and synthesis automation please contact Activotec on email info@activotec.com or telephone +44 1223 260008.