The Activo-P14 Peptide Synthesizer is an economical semi-automated instrument for the synthesis of very high quality peptides.
This is the smallest and lowest cost peptide synthesizer available.

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Activo-P14 Brochure

Key Features

  • High quality peptides
  • Any scale from 0.05 to 5.0 mmoles
  • Easy to use; use existing or define your own protocols
  • Automates the resin washing and deprotection steps of synthesis
  • Performs any Fmoc or t-Boc chemistries
  • Heated reactors
  • PNA synthesis
  • Safe to use, instrument is totally enclosed
  • Disposable reactors
  • Uses commercially available resins and reagents
  • Optional reactor heating

High Quality Peptide

  • Inert atmosphere throughout
  • Precise and fast reagent delivery and washing
  • Efficient inversion mixing & nitrogen bubbling
  • Bottom filtration from disposable reactors

Ease of Use

  • Very easy to use touch screen display
  • Enter the sequence, fill in quantity and resin and press run
  • Software generated worksheet tells the user what to prepare
  • Free choice of chemistry, present and future
  • Disposable reactors
  • Logfile of each synthesis
  • Easy cleave system direct from the disposable reactor


  • Fmoc or t-Boc
  • In situ or pre-activation
  • Coupling reagents HBTU, HCTU, HATU, TBTU, PyBOP, DIC etc
  • PNA synthesis
  • Use any resins; polystyrene or PEG
  • Use any protocols
  • Synthesize any length of peptides












Instrument Specification

Scale 0.05 – 5.0 mmoles
Chemistry Fmoc or t-Boc
Activation method Pre-activation or in-situ, user selectable. HBTU, HCTU, DIC, PyBOP, etc
Reaction vessel sizes 10 mL, 40 mL, 125 mL
Reagent/solvent bottles 3, range from 250 mL to 19 litres
Reactor heating ambient to + 80 degrees C
Mixing system Over centre mixing with variable speed and amplitude
Inert atmosphere 100% throughout the system
Fluid measurement Timed delivery
Power Variable range from 240V/50Hz or 100V/60Hz
Logfile Printable logfile for each synthesis run
Dimensions Width 33 cm (13”), depth 27 cm (11”), height 33 cm (13”) + solvent storage unit



Technical Support

Activotec has unsurpassed experience in the synthesis and automation processes for peptides. Activotec is totally committed to supporting its customers worldwide.

  • Fast reliable service engineers and application chemists.
  • Service contract options are available to suit your requirements.
  • Peptide chemists are available to help with instrument application and peptide chemistry if required.
  • Training is provided on site or in our facility.

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