Peptide Arrays

The delivery of large numbers of extremely affordable custom peptides has never been easier.

Activotec has developed high throughput custom peptide synthesis to meet the growing demands for synthetic peptides in the proteomics boom. We offer parallel synthesis of small quantities of peptide libraries with the fastest and most efficient high throughput, delivering 96 different peptides, unbound, in a 96-well format. Each plate is individually tested for accuracy via mas spectroscopy and can be used for epitope mapping, libraries, protein characterization and much more. This technique provides researchers the ability to order large numbers of peptides at extremely affordable prices and delivered in a short time.

A major reason for the demand of high throughput peptide synthesis has been the realization that synthetic peptides have become invaluable tools in elucidating important contiguous epitopes that are essential for functional and structural domains in proteins. In particular, the systematic screening with a series of overlapping fragments, called epitope mapping or substitution analogues, needs short peptides in large numbers although, in general, micro molar quantities are sufficient. In this regard, the value of using synthetic peptides as probes in biochemistry and pharmacology is comparable to the value of oligonucleotides in molecular biology. The systematic use of peptides, however, has been limited by the cost, time and special expertise or equipment required to provide a significant number of peptides for evaluation. Therefore, Activotec over the past several years has developed synthesis platforms that are capable of the simultaneous synthesis of many peptides with FLEXIBILITY, SPEED, and HIGH THROUGHPUT at an economic price, resulting in a great value to our customers.


• Quantity: 0.5-2 mgs

• Length: 8-20 aa average purity 75%

• 96 crude peptides per plate in 96-well format

• Optimized chemistries

• No cross contamination

• QC: MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry on all peptides

• Including: Electronic PDF files of QC data (2D bar code)

• Delivery: 7-10 days


• Epitope mapping

• Alanine walking

• Single amino acid mutation screening

• Protein-protein interaction studies

• Kinase motif discovery

• Protease motif discovery


• N-terminal biotinylation

• N-terminal acetylation

• Non-standard residue incorporation

• C-terminal amidation

• Disulfide bridge formation (cyclization)

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