P11 Heated Reactors

The Activo-P11 has an optional reactor heating system with precise reaction temperature feedback and control. Both the 10 mL and 40 mL reactors can be heated very quickly to temperatures of up to 90º C and easily cooled down during the normal washing cycles of peptide synthesis.

Reactor heating is considerably more controllable and accurate compared with microwave, resulting in higher quality peptides. The reaction temperature is very carefully controlled to within 1º C. The reactor is quickly heated without the high generation of side products. Additionally the Activo-P11 only uses the standard solvent washes (4) together with a small cooling fan to bring the reaction back to ambient temperature. The actual reaction temperature is monitored and logged.


The Activo-P11 with heating synthesizes long and difficult sequences, including those that chemists have not been able to make using conventional methods.