Efficient, high speed synthesis of complex peptides

Activotec selected the recent 20th American Peptide Society Symposium in Montreal, Canada, for the North American launch of its Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesiser

The Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesiser is an easy to use and affordable instrument for synthesis of very high quality peptides. The fully automated and enclosed system performs a wide range of chemistries to synthesise peptides of any length in the 0.1 - 1.0 mmol. scale. Combined with very easy-to-use software, designed by chemists for chemists, the Activo-P11 was one of the most visited attractions at the exhibition accompanying the symposium.

Particular interest was also shown in a technical poster describing a new all-solid phase approach using the Activo-P11 for synthesising cyclic peptide chitinase inhibitors as potential new leads for antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs. Based upon work by UK researchers from the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Bath and the College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee the entirely on-resin synthesis on the Activo-P11 demonstrated significant improvements in speed and efficiency over traditional approaches.

Activotec, which has its trading base in Cambridge (UK) and an R&D and production facility in Southampton (UK), was founded in 2002 as a spin out from the internationally renowned School of Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton. Activotec is a customer-focused company providing high technology products and services for chemistry and biochemistry applications. Activotec provides a complete range of products and services for peptide and protein synthesis.

For further information on the Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesiser or a copy of the technical poster please contact Activotec.